More than 350 exhibitors, companies from 13 countries, participate this year at the Luanda International Fair (FILDA), the largest Angolan intersector fair, which takes place in the capital’s Special Economic Zone, an example of an industrial cluster.

Promoted by the Mystery of the Economy and Planning of Angola, the 34th edition of FILDA will take place from July 10 to 14, in the Special Economic Zone Luanda-Bengo (ZEELB), under the motto “Diversify the Economy, Develop the Private Sector”. according to the organization, with exhibitors in addition to Angola, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Russia, South Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Uruguay, Brazil and the United States.

The 2018 edition has the peculiarity of running in an area of ​​28,000 square meters of ZEELB, which according to the Angolan Government represents an economic model aimed at the creation of industrial clusters, being presented as a catalyst for economic growth.

In the case of the Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone, the operating companies have access to, among other incentives, installation, own taxation, investment, negotiation, quotas and autonomous regulation.

Located 30 kilometers from the center of Luanda, ZEELB, a project managed by the Angolan state through Sonangol, involved a public investment of almost 80 million dollars (71 million euros) to install 73 factories and comprises seven industrial reserves , six agricultural reserves and eight mining reserves, covering a total area of ​​8,300 hectares between the municipalities of Viana, Cacuaco, Icolo and Bengo (Luanda), Dande and Ambriz (Bengo).

The organization of the 34th edition of FILDA expects more than 6,000 people a day, among students, professionals and businessmen.

The 2017 edition took place at the end of July, in the middle of the bank along the bay of the Angolan capital, bringing together around a hundred companies. In 2016, the crisis in Angola even led to the cancellation of the event, which in previous years came to move, as speakers, about 1,000 companies.