Through a live webcast broadcast, multi-millionaire Elon Musk presented the completion of the first underground tunnel, materialized with the rapid excavation technology developed by his company, The Boring Company, which is dedicated to the excavation and construction of underground tunnels.

The new tunnel, which is still just a prototype, is 1.83 kilometers long and is already considered a major breakthrough in this business segment – in the transmission, Elon Musk has promised to have plans to create a high-speed underground network under the second the largest city in America, for vehicles (both passenger and freight) and pedestrians.

The new tunnel was built in Hawthorne County (Los Angeles, California), where The Boring Company is headquartered – the project is part of an even larger project to build an underground network of connections connecting logistical points or places with large flows of passengers.

Musk estimated the total cost of the tunnel to be about $ 10 million (including the costs of excavation, internal infrastructure, lighting, ventilation, security systems, communications and a runway), ensuring that excavation using traditional “Engineering has a much higher cost and it takes much longer to complete – Musk has even stated that snails move 14 times faster than the speed of a typical tunneling machine.

The Boring Company is now advancing with a proposed tunnel to link Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodger Stadium to an existing subway line. It is recalled that in June 2018, Boring was also selected by Chicago to build a 17-mile underground transportation system linking the city center to its main airport.