AOG JTM Forwarding


Aircraft on Ground

As the name states, in aviation, the lack of material or replacing spare parts is enough to leave an aircraft on the ground with all the consequences herein and putting at stake the image of the air flight company.

Due to the singularity and urgency of the freight of these materials, it obliges to the presentation of adequate and fast technical solutions.

Thus, our customers rely on JTM technical knowledge and experience, and our role before these emergency situations is to plan and organize immediate replacement of the necessary spare parts so that the aircraft flies again.

Our professional team has great experience in logistics and is prepared to solve all types of situations as fast as possible.

Precise monitoring: all activities are monitored and reported with transparency and precision. Through our team, our customers have access to their order status.

JTM uses innovating technology to ensure that all requests are done promptly and efficiently in a process as precise as AOG. Competency to its highest level.

We can ensure:

  • Immediate reply;

  • Specialized team;

  • Innovating technology;

  • Competency to its highest level.