Transport and Quality.

JTM Partners were strategically chosen by their credibility, experience, integrity, professionalism, efficient and excellence in provided services as to maintain quality and excellence standards.

As key factor to an in time performance, we maintain with several air flight companies space allocation and BSA’s flexibility as to ensure an excellence in performance.

Our teams are experts in various sectors, hold the know-how and experience to manage the most challenging and defiant requests, always finding solutions and ways to increase the efficiency and quality standard in the Supply-Chain.


01 - Build up ULD’s:
02 - Transport and Handling AOG Cargo/MRO'S;
03 - Transport and Handling AVI;
04 - Customer/partner Personalized Support;
05 - Documentation Issuance;
06 - Hand Carriage;
07 - Project Cargo;
08 - Export/Import Customs Clearance;
09 - E-Freight / EDI (Broadcasting);
010 - E-Commerce;
011 - White Glove Services.

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