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GDP Pharma

Pharmaceutical Distribution

Freighting goods for the pharmaceutical industry demands technical knowledge, dedication and guarantee in providing a service of quality.

Aware of these demands, JTM holds credentials as Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Agent.
This certification assures our customers the handling and transportation of the medicines and hospital products with proper and adequate technical knowledge, always allied to operators who know these types of goods.

GDP certification demonstrates that our organization is committed thoroughly in all aspects to our service and is vital partner in the Health supply chain. Contact us in order to know more about the GDP Certificate from the Pharmaceutical Industry.

To ensure that medicine freight is according to these rules is a priority to us. We deliver your medicines at the correct temperature and on time.

Our procedures comply:

• IATA – IATA – Temperature Control Regulations (Chapter 17)

• EU – GDP

• World Health Organization: Annex 15

Podemos garantir:

  • Air and sea freight services with the Main Operators;

  • Monitoring during freight;

  • Constant follow-up;

  • Team Pharma is a dedicated and expert in Pharmaceutical Industry.