AVI JTM Forwarding

Live Animals

Horses, Domestic Pets and Others

How often did you need to travel and find a solution for your pet?
Have you ever cancelled a world competition for not knowing how to freight your horse, or another animal, to the competition venue?
Or for fearing that your animal wouldn’t travel in the best conditions, securing its well-being?

JTM is expert in freight live animals and horses. Contact our highly qualified professional team and leave your pet in good hands.

On the operational side, we avail a full support, through issuance of licenses and all needed documentation and/or of safeguard.
JTM holds solutions of authorized freights door to door, ensuring animals comfort and verification and in close collaboration with all EU competent authorities.

JTM is member of IPATA (International Ted and Animal Transportation Association) and of IATA (Animal Transportation Association) and offers services of professional transportation for animals from and to all over the world.

All freight conditions are according to IATA Regulations – published at: “Animals Regulations Live”, as freighting animals demands special treatment and handling.

Podemos garantir:

  • Highly qualified team;

  • Knowledge and elaboration of all needed documentation;

  • Constant escort;

  • Rigor and security of the freight.